Oasis Bead Show

Spent a little too much time at the Oasis Bead Show this weekend. I only intended to go on Friday evening but there were great beads that kept calling me back. The quality of beads available was pretty good, from low-grade to some gem quality stones. Two things that seemed to get me excited were matte-finish beads (especially the African jade) and rough-finish beads. Not sure if that’s a correct technical term but the beads are mostly rough; you can see they’ve been tumbled a little. I did get 3 strings of rough citrine and amethyst. I don’t know why yet, but I’m sure they will speak to me soon!

I was able to take in a free seminar that really interested me about Colour. I hoped for some interesting bits about colour theory and how it can help you with jewellery or even just the basics. Instead, the person giving the presentation didn’t seem to know much about colour. I guess she was tired or just worn out with the whole show but the presentation had zero energy to it. ): Sad for me because I’m such a colour freak and I get so excited about colour. When she didn’t know what the K stood for in CMYK I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I guess that is one of the things I’ll delve into here on this bloggie. How to use colour in the art of making jewellery.

I’ll try to keep things organized if I go down that path. For today, here’s a gorgeous gradient (up top) created from one of my palettes at ColourLovers.com – it has the potential to become such a lovely piece. CL is probably my favourite place on earth or in cyberheaven right now. The opportunities to create are endless and the site itself is a drug. It’s also one of the best communities around. I’ve given you the link to my page so if you haven’t been there yet, have a look around. If you love colour, you’ll be addicted in no time. (:

As for the bead show, it was time well spent; a great 3 days of walking around and revelling in beads of every kind.


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