Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

butterfly in the garden

there’s a butterfly in my garden
and it sits so quietly on
the branch of my favourite
tree, serene and waiting
I’m not sure what for
but when the breeze is just right
it flits off again into the dappled
light of the late afternoon
when I think it has left me
I see it fluttering over
the violets, playing with the wind
taking me on its journey
all the happiest colours of my life
blurring into the wake of its wings

(March 21, 2007)

This necklace, made for a dear friend, incorporates garden shades of glass beads with silver highlights and a gorgeous, delicate glass butterfly, trailing summer dreams.

Complementary shades of yellow-green and lavender purples give the piece a glorious English garden feeling. It brings to mind summer grasses with light scents of sage and lavender. There are some blue-green beads in the mix and some of the beads have an AB finish that compliments the purples. I used tiny silver seed beads in between each glass drop, with larger filigree beads as the accent. The glass beads have a slight teardrop shape to them creating an uneven look when they’re strung; the seed bead between each spaces them out just a little, giving an overall airiness to the whole necklace. When I look at it, the uneven texture of the string looks like grass in a garden (at least to me!).


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