Well, there goes my promise of consistency! I guess I am quite consistent at breaking that promise though. (:

I’ve been up and down, been waaaay overworked, overstressed, overwrought (work, of course), had some hand issues, back issues, money issues … And now I’m on the other side and, hopefully, back to making this blog something useful.

I’m back to making jewellery and I’ve got some new stuff up at Etsy (you can see a few pieces on the RH side there). I’ll post some pics to the gallery with those. I’ve only just realized (duuuh Lara!) that Etsy is this humongous place with tons of features. I’ve tried to scan the forum and I find it pretty tough to keep up with the flow of conversation. Guess I’m finally gettin’ old … LOLOL. I was able to purchase a couple of the Showcase spots, which was neat and fuelled an outburst of jewellery making. And I’m trying to figure out what the teams are all about. So many things to do there … so very little time.

Jewellery for me …

phoenix002-web1I love to make pieces for other people but I often forget to make things for myself. Here’s a piece that’s an unfolding co-creation. I saw these amazing phoenix necklaces at artisticprostitution’s shop when I first joined Etsy and I had her larger version as a favourite for a while. When it sold, I despaired a little because I loved it but then the artist created a smaller version. I couldn’t afford to buy it right away so I kept my eye on it and finally made it mine. Originally it came on a lovely silver necklace that is still part of the design.

phoenix-web12The way this phoenix has been done really spoke to me. I find it so beautiful and it symbolizes the way I view my own life – the times I’ve been kicked down and got back up again, the amount of screw-ups I’ve made but still managed to make it through. I’ll be glorious 40 this year and I feel like my life is really in my hands, and I chose this necklace to be my gift from me to me. I married it with my favourite stone, the ruby. This is its current incarnation; it will change once more before I write “the end” on this one.


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