da Terra al Mare

Update: This fella is no longer on Etsy. It’s been shipped to LA to be part of an exhibition. 🙂

ethereal_sorbetThis is where I started. I had this palette on CL and it wanted to be some jewellery. Some of my stones jumped into my mind when I looked at it. Beautiful blue-green turquoise ovals, along with multi-coloured paua. When I started to go through my bags (yes, my system is still *cough* rudimentary at best) dark green aventurine raised its hand and some gorgeous, planet Earth-coloured eilat peeked out longingly at its city cousin, turquoise. I knew they all wanted to be together and in my mind I saw Gaea herself wearing them proudly, as only a goddess can.

I honestly thought this would be one of the easiest necklaces I’ve ever done, but it took me a full 8-hour day to get the combination, length, weight just right. Usually designing is the easy part for me and putting it all together is where it takes a lot of time. But with this one, wiring everything together was so fast – it was like composing when all the notes take a long time to sort themselves in your head but when you write out the melodies, it flows smoothly. Anyway, I’m happy with the end result of a beautiful goddess necklace that looks simple and elegant. It’s a journey from the Earth to the Sea …


da_terra_al_mareYep, it’s on Etsy at the moment. 🙂 And, yes, I know I didn’t exactly stick to the original palette. This one is more earthy, a little more of the goddess’ journey. But there are so many more scenes lying within it: soft, gentle fields of grass, deep woods with overshadowing pines and old, gnarled trees, vistas of the ocean’s twinkling depths … I can even smell the salt air …


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