wallpaper of the month

2009-june01I’ve done a couple of these for friends and they suggested I put them up here on my blog. There are 2 this month. This one is nice and bright and the jewellery piece is from my Afternoon Garden line. 🙂

Click here. If the image fits inside your screen, put your mouse over it and expand it. Then right-click and, depending on your browser, you can select “Set as background” or a similar choice. This will set up the image as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!!

Update: Hoom. My dearest Martin noted that the default size is too large for some monitors so here are a couple smaller sizes that will hopefully work:

2009-june01-cal2Jun 2/09: Here is the second wallpaper for June. I went with another piece from the Afternoon Garden series. This one is the original necklace. The colours are so warm and bright. They promise gentle breezes with hints of warm, sweet summer fruit and gardens filled with flowers. Mmm summer …


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