The Diary 2010 Project

diary2010I became aware of this great project from the Etsy Artists of Color Team and decided to check it out. I ordered one of the books from Fantazya’s shop on Etsy to have a look and was wonderfully surprised! The diary is a page-per-day book with month, address and note pages. The quality is great and the idea is that different shops provide the artwork for each page. (Not only is available in the printed book, she also offers a CD version that you can print yourself. Very cool.)

The result is a delightfully eclectic collection of artwork and design. As a designer I just love it! It’s my new favourite book. I’ve taken to carrying it everywhere with me. I’ve peeked at a fair number of shops as well. It’s an amazing way to advertise if you have a shop and it costs nothing! What could be better than that?!?  I just want to thank Fantazya for this ingenious idea.

You can still reserve a page if you’re interested in this great opportunity. The deadline to provide your design is July 15th, so you have a lot of time. Head over to her site at:

Yep, I’ve got my page already reserved. I can’t wait to see how Diary 2010 turns out!! 🙂


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