Team EAOC Summer Madness Treasure Hunt

I’m participating in my first ever treasure hunt!! Wheee! 🙂 The details are below, please join in. There are wonderful prizes and it will be a lot of fun!


EAOC Summer Madness Treasure Hunt-Thursday, June 18th-Sunday, June 21st 2009

Etsy’s Artists of Color Street Team is sponsoring an outstanding summer promotion. Wonderful prizes will be given away so you don’t want to miss out. The rules are simple.

  1. Search through the participating shops and find special letters that have been hidden in various listings. The letters will be hidden amongst one of the listing’s photos.
  2. Take those letters and form a phrase pertaining to the “Summer.” The phrase will change each day.
  3. Starting June 18th, check any of these sites for the phrase of the day:
  4. When you have all the letters, send a note to with all listings containing letters that spell out the word of the day.

That’s it!

Not only will you will have an opportunity to win a gorgeous prize but you will also get to visit the shops of many very talented artists and maybe find a few new favorites. No purchase is necessary but if you happen to come across that one item, (or maybe two) that you just can’t resist by all means indulge yourself!

The Summer Madness Treasure Hunt will take place in the Etsy Promotions Forum beginning Thursday, June 18th and ending Sunday, June 21st. Each day the EAOC Summer Madness Treasure Hunt will begin at 12 noon and run until 12 midnight, EDT.

Feel the Summer Madness!!! Join the EAOC Treasure Hunt!!

http ://

Happy Hunting!!!


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