October Wallpaper

2009-09-desktopbkg-2Hello friends! All I can say after this really hectic summer is, “Well, I’m back.” 🙂

No jewellery wallpaper yet. I have some new pieces “in the pot” or “cauldron” since it’s that time of year again. I have so many lovely stones to play with, such variety of shades and shapes. I can’t wait to show you how they turn out!

In the meantime, here is a poetry wallpaper for October featuring an original poem by yours truly. The image is one I found on the Internet while Googling “full moon.” It’s truly beautiful – inspiring and eerie all at once. If you can’t read the text of the poem, here it is…


give shape to my nothingness
with raw notes of longing
sculpt me with the sharp knives
of lonely, wild desolation
rip the pain out of your soul
make it a weapon against the void
allow me to whirl in your mind

crave as the sun craves its death
pulsing slowly to the infinite
black edge of that event horizon
sing your burning, keening notes
under the icy indifference of stars
lay your head in my vengeance
rage against the fabric of the world

write our story on moonlight
with the deep, oily ink of loss
tell me i am not gone
dance in the clamour of wraiths’
uncontrolled shrieking of absence
cower in the shadow of emptiness
hold me in that endlessly diminishing wail

~lara sookoo © 2008


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