Wallpaper for a new decade

… well not the whole decade … 🙂 How about the first month? I’ve done 2 wallpapers based on a piece I did last year called “Quiet Ripples.” I just needed to do something that centred my focus and made me feel grounded. Nothing is better than wirewrapping for that! I love working with wire because it keeps my mind and my hands busy. Somehow this frees something within to soar to untold heights. It’s quite meditational, almost trance-like, for me to sit wrapping a piece. I have a couple new pieces that will up in the shop soon (once I break out the camera!) that are inspired by the same need and come from the same inspired place.

This piece and these pics have the right ‘feel’ for me in Jan of 2010. I needed to touch base with my real life and what true and important to me. Work played too large a role in my life in 2009 and that is something that needs changing. 2010 was ushered in with my family as usual, but I also made some time to go away by myself. I sat quietly as mantras gently burst with their wondrous bell tones in my mind.

Touching the earth.
The quiet centre within.

These are my new year’s resolutions. Please enjoy the wallpapers and thanks for stopping by. There will be a number of new pieces in the shop soon.  ((hugs))


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