wallpaper for june

In honour of this month’s birthstone, the lovely pearl, wallpaper 1 features a wedding set called “white dakini.” I wasn’t exactly thinking of weddings when I named it. The finished product brought to mind a poem I’d written some time before entitled … what else, “White Dakini.” The set is perfect for weddings or any other ‘princess’ type of event like sweet 16, debuts, prom, going to see Sex in the City

The poem, as you will see, is an entity altogether different. It was started during the Kalachakra ceremony in Toronto in 2004, while in-between volunteer shifts. I absolutely loved sitting quietly next to one of the spectacular floor-to-ceiling panes of glass in the National Trade Centre while the intonations of monks just flowed through the entire space. I don’t know when I’ve ever been so at peace with myself, when I’ve ever felt so open – it was really marvelous. An absolute lifechanging experience for me. One morning, as I sat there, words just came whispering down through the universe and, of course, as all writers know, they can’t be kept in. As the pen scratched away, I wasn’t even conscious of the ideas – the chants were just running through my brain. Later that evening, at home, I looked at what I had and began the writer’s careful task of matching paltry word to radiant thought. Not sure I succeeded (do we ever?) but this is the result. And here is the link to the wallpaper. Enjoy.

White Dakini

calling to my soul
with voice of
crystal chimes
sounding out the pride
and iniquity of
my ego

I want to follow
in your cold footsteps
to the heart of
the mystery of my soul
Let me unravel the
cords of karma and
lay them softly
at your feet

Hold open my eyes
to the dance of death
that all feet pattern
on the green face
of the world
Cover me with your
cool snows that I
will not heed the
inferences of my
errant passions

Shine before me
like the stars of night
imprinting destiny
on to the stretched black
canvas of my
shrouded mortality

Allow me to follow
in your transparent footsteps
past bodies of
living death
Show me the spiral
of your icy grasp
that will fling me
into the nothingness
that is the truth
of all hearts

~lara sookoo


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