I’ve been thinking for some time about the nature of jewellery in our lives. While it is mostly for decoration, often stones and metal, and even simply colour, can help our energy centres. Whether consciously or unconsciously, a piece of jewellery can help to make you feel happier, more confident, calmer, more meditative, joyful, sleepy … A piece can resonate with your energy to bring you to the place within yourself where you really want to be.

I’m definitely a believer in humans as energy beings. Growing up with a Hindu background, the idea of energy sheaths around the human physical body is not strange to me. I believe and have experienced how we can touch each other before we ever physically meet.  There are many mysteries in the universe and WE are not the least of those mysteries. I love colour and believe that colour can work as therapy. I also believe that the chemical properties of gemstones and metals can work harmoniously with our bodies.  I do think about these things when making a piece but I’d like to introduce a new concept for my own jewellery adventure.

I’m working on a new line of jewellery that focuses on bringing the properties of metals, stones and colour together to create the Atman Collection. The idea behind this collection is to create pieces that will help you to focus your energy for strength, calm, healing … whatever you need. I am woring on some introductory pieces but I hope that many more are custom creations we make together. (Just a very important note that these pieces are in NO WAY a replacement for medicines or medical treatments. They are just meant to assist you with your energy work, meditation, prayers, etc. 🙂 )


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