starts and restarts

I’ve always been one for starting new things and restarting old things. I’m a total INFP – love beginnings; endings … not so much. So. My work life. Rich, rewarding and extremely busy. I’ve loved the amazing design opportunities I’ve had over the last couple of years but, as these things go, it comes at a cost. My White Tree Fund and Silver Leaves work has suffered the most. There’s just no energy left in my body or mind at the end of a frenetic day to give to these things, even though I love them so much. I also haven’t been all that focused on my family. Or my jewellery designs. After many disappointments this year, for a while all I could think of was endings. Maybe I should end the White Tree Fund and walk away from all the wonderful work we’ve done and could do? Maybe I should walk away from my labour of love, Silver Leaves (a marvelous journal, you should read it!)? Perhaps my jewellery tinkering should stop? Or maybe I should just walk away from my job?

Clearly, I’m not a person who believes in “too much.” My cup is never half-empty OR half-full. It always overfloweth. Of course I can’t leave my job right now. The boy is headed to university in a few short years. We’ve been blessed with the most amazing opportunities for TWTF and Silver Leaves, that I cannot turn my back on them now. And designing jewellery is my “fun time,” so that’s not going anywhere. But I can start shifting priorities – moving my little world back to where it needs to be.

Now, it’s time for starts. And restarts. On the jewellery side, I’m back to designing my Atman Collection with gorgeous stones and beautiful colours. We have new and REALLY exciting directions for The White Tree Fund and Silver Leaves coming up in 2012. I’ve started to renew my focus on writing and in the Department of Starts … A new publishing venture (more news on that soon). A new (very small) business doing freelance design work. The first step is to renew this blog, give it a bit of a makeover.

Can I commit to regular blog posts? After 7 years of trying … um … nope. But I’ll try to be around more often. You can always catch up with me on Facebook. 🙂 Now – a question – provide me with some inspirations for the Atman Collection. Do you feel like any particular stones or colours are calling out to you lately?


2 thoughts on “starts and restarts

  1. I think that’s the great thing about life: nothing is ever wholly gone unless we want it to be (and even then….).

    I’ve been drawn to labradorite for a while. It’s a pretty stone, so evocative of air and water, but I also like that it reminds me of Newfoundland and Labrador, lol.

  2. LOL. I love it too, Laura! There is something special about it. Hmmm, that’s a few calls for labradorite … Think I have to go shopping for some gorgeous stones! Not that I need to be dragged or anything … 😀

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