new gallery

Just added a new gallery for all of the pieces I design as donations or for charity auctions, as well as, some of the pieces that have been designed as gifts (from me, not commissions). Just giving you more ideas for pieces you might speak to you in the fluid language of colour and instinct. You can always send me an email at if you’re interested in anything!

These new additions are from my 2011 Goddess Collection and are meant to make beautiful statements about the wearer. They have been crafted using a variety of metals and the highest quality of crystals and glass pieces that I can find. Pieces from the Goddess Collection will be on sale soon. If you see something you like before then, just send me an email!



I’ve been thinking for some time about the nature of jewellery in our lives. While it is mostly for decoration, often stones and metal, and even simply colour, can help our energy centres. Whether consciously or unconsciously, a piece of jewellery can help to make you feel happier, more confident, calmer, more meditative, joyful, sleepy … A piece can resonate with your energy to bring you to the place within yourself where you really want to be.

I’m definitely a believer in humans as energy beings. Growing up with a Hindu background, the idea of energy sheaths around the human physical body is not strange to me. I believe and have experienced how we can touch each other before we ever physically meet.  There are many mysteries in the universe and WE are not the least of those mysteries. I love colour and believe that colour can work as therapy. I also believe that the chemical properties of gemstones and metals can work harmoniously with our bodies.  I do think about these things when making a piece but I’d like to introduce a new concept for my own jewellery adventure.

I’m working on a new line of jewellery that focuses on bringing the properties of metals, stones and colour together to create the Atman Collection. The idea behind this collection is to create pieces that will help you to focus your energy for strength, calm, healing … whatever you need. I am woring on some introductory pieces but I hope that many more are custom creations we make together. (Just a very important note that these pieces are in NO WAY a replacement for medicines or medical treatments. They are just meant to assist you with your energy work, meditation, prayers, etc. 🙂 )

wallpaper of the month

2009-june01I’ve done a couple of these for friends and they suggested I put them up here on my blog. There are 2 this month. This one is nice and bright and the jewellery piece is from my Afternoon Garden line. 🙂

Click here. If the image fits inside your screen, put your mouse over it and expand it. Then right-click and, depending on your browser, you can select “Set as background” or a similar choice. This will set up the image as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!!

Update: Hoom. My dearest Martin noted that the default size is too large for some monitors so here are a couple smaller sizes that will hopefully work:

2009-june01-cal2Jun 2/09: Here is the second wallpaper for June. I went with another piece from the Afternoon Garden series. This one is the original necklace. The colours are so warm and bright. They promise gentle breezes with hints of warm, sweet summer fruit and gardens filled with flowers. Mmm summer …

An interesting question

I started making jewellery for friends and family, and occasionally, myself. When I finally made the decision to open a little online shop and make jewellery for everyone, a friend asked me what I could offer with my jewellery that wasn’t already out there. Wow, what an excellent question! I mean, I love to make pieces but does that necessarily mean the world should partake in what I’m creating? What on earth was I offering that isn’t already available in millions of shops?

I looked at my pieces to find the answer; literally stared at them. Sifted through them. Held the stones in my hand, hoping for a whisper. It came. Oh, it came. And I was surprised and a little sad when it did. You see, the truth is that I’m not making anything so radically different and unique that you have to have it. I’ve found designers that I thought were trailblazers, only to discover 100 more designers doing the same thing. Designers of adornment, if we’re honest, have to admit that the things we make come from the common pool of our human experience. Our pieces are the result of our influences, history, culture and the collective unconscious, the dream that whispers inspiration to every soul on earth.

When I realized this, I understood that I’d been looking at my pieces but not quite seeing them. I looked further than the stones, beads, sparkle, arrangement and colour. I looked into the soul of the piece and what I found is that such a thing exists.

A little of what I am escapes into each piece that I’ve created and often becomes something new. As a writer, the experience of a character who creates him or her own self is a familiar one. You’re happily writing your little story when, lo and behold, someone new steps off the page. Unbidden. Uninvited by your imagination, they are there, working their way into the story and moving the path away from your original design. It’s often the same with creating a piece of jewellery. I’ll start with a colour idea or certain stones and a plan. Suddenly, in the middle of the process, another colour idea pops up or a new stone wants to be involved and the piece becomes something new and more wonderful than the original design.

When this happens, I wonder to myself  “Who is this being made for?” Before too long, I usually have the pleasure of finding out. Someone comes along who feels the piece calls out to them, appeals to them, and they happily make it part of their story. After being part of this process a few times, I saw it. It’s there in the soul of each piece.

Everyone who is creating jewellery at this precise moment is using tools and techniques that are basically the same. What really differentiates each piece is the thought and energy of the maker. I see stories in each piece of jewellery that I look at. It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive it is. My son made me a necklace of plastic letters (my name) on a thick string when he was in kindergarten. If I could only save one piece of jewellery from my burning home, that would be the piece I’d run out with. It cost almost nothing and it has a story as old as the sea. The love of a child for his mother.

I’m afraid of snakes but the ring I’m wearing today is a beautifully twined snake in shades of grey on silver with lovely AB Swarovski crystals. He’s here, coiled around my finger and I realize that I wear this ring often. Why? I can’t really say. I love the look of it, the feel of it, the fact that it’s a snake. He’s been a lot of places with me and now he’s part of my story. This snake is here with me as I’m living my life, my dreams. He’s become part of my Personal Legend.

What I create is definitely coloured by my experiences and what I believe as a result of them. I believe that each of us is a living story, a legend that we are writing every day. If we are lucky, we realize our Personal Legend and live it to the fullest.

Seeing all this, I can now answer my darling friend. The jewellery that comes from me is waiting to be part of your Personal Legend or calls you to share it with others on the paths of their own legends. It doesn’t necessarily make my jewellery unique or special but it does make it an offering. It’s an offering from one soul to another as we realize and write our Legends into history.

da Terra al Mare

Update: This fella is no longer on Etsy. It’s been shipped to LA to be part of an exhibition. 🙂

ethereal_sorbetThis is where I started. I had this palette on CL and it wanted to be some jewellery. Some of my stones jumped into my mind when I looked at it. Beautiful blue-green turquoise ovals, along with multi-coloured paua. When I started to go through my bags (yes, my system is still *cough* rudimentary at best) dark green aventurine raised its hand and some gorgeous, planet Earth-coloured eilat peeked out longingly at its city cousin, turquoise. I knew they all wanted to be together and in my mind I saw Gaea herself wearing them proudly, as only a goddess can.

I honestly thought this would be one of the easiest necklaces I’ve ever done, but it took me a full 8-hour day to get the combination, length, weight just right. Usually designing is the easy part for me and putting it all together is where it takes a lot of time. But with this one, wiring everything together was so fast – it was like composing when all the notes take a long time to sort themselves in your head but when you write out the melodies, it flows smoothly. Anyway, I’m happy with the end result of a beautiful goddess necklace that looks simple and elegant. It’s a journey from the Earth to the Sea …


da_terra_al_mareYep, it’s on Etsy at the moment. 🙂 And, yes, I know I didn’t exactly stick to the original palette. This one is more earthy, a little more of the goddess’ journey. But there are so many more scenes lying within it: soft, gentle fields of grass, deep woods with overshadowing pines and old, gnarled trees, vistas of the ocean’s twinkling depths … I can even smell the salt air …

Colours that want to be jewellery

I’ve been playing with colour lately that seems to want me to make jewellery …

the_inner_life ethereal_sorbet believer rare_moments

I think I’m closest to final ideas for the first two. The last one is still whispering to me. I love the third but I’m not sure how to make the components come together into a whole. “Gestalt” is one design idea that’s important to me – the piece needs to flow and feel like more than just the sum of its parts. I’ll be sure to let you know what I come up with. Feel free to leave ideas. 🙂