I’ve been thinking for some time about the nature of jewellery in our lives. While it is mostly for decoration, often stones and metal, and even simply colour, can help our energy centres. Whether consciously or unconsciously, a piece of jewellery can help to make you feel happier, more confident, calmer, more meditative, joyful, sleepy … A piece can resonate with your energy to bring you to the place within yourself where you really want to be.

I’m definitely a believer in humans as energy beings. Growing up with a Hindu background, the idea of energy sheaths around the human physical body is not strange to me. I believe and have experienced how we can touch each other before we ever physically meet.  There are many mysteries in the universe and WE are not the least of those mysteries. I love colour and believe that colour can work as therapy. I also believe that the chemical properties of gemstones and metals can work harmoniously with our bodies.  I do think about these things when making a piece but I’d like to introduce a new concept for my own jewellery adventure.

I’m working on a new line of jewellery that focuses on bringing the properties of metals, stones and colour together to create the Atman Collection. The idea behind this collection is to create pieces that will help you to focus your energy for strength, calm, healing … whatever you need. I am woring on some introductory pieces but I hope that many more are custom creations we make together. (Just a very important note that these pieces are in NO WAY a replacement for medicines or medical treatments. They are just meant to assist you with your energy work, meditation, prayers, etc. 🙂 )


Remember, remember …

November is the month of remembering for many of us. With Remembrance Day (Canada) on the 11th, there are many opportunities to pay tribute to the men and women who have served and who have died in our wars. Who are still serving and dying in our (the human race’s) wars. It takes something very special to be in the service, it’s as special a calling as priesthood,  just the battle is of a different kind … most times. I will have some pieces to commemorate this time and here is a wallpaper for November, from me to you. xo

who exactly am i?

What a loaded question!! I think the “who” and “what” of me, myself, changes almost daily. Today, for instance, I’m a tired, definitely-40, civil servant with too many deadlines and too little time. But that’s just until 5.00pm when I’ll be a tired but happy-to-even-have-a-job-let-alone-a-great-job mum who will go running home (yes, almost literally) to her lovely boy and crazy familials.

And her jewellery. For a couple of hours after mum-ness is no longer needed (the recipient of said mum-ness being washed, fed and entertained), I can slip into the comfortable, exciting, tingly garb of jewellery designer and plan, sketch, and play with wire, gemstones, crystal, glass and a host of other fun stuff. I don’t have a proper studio yet but I should really take some pics of my crazy workspace so you can see how front-and-centre all my tools and equipment are. My working ‘studio’ is slowly taking over my entire space. Fine with me, but well … for those of you whose mothers live with you, and for those of you who remember your mother’s house … you know that mothers have their own ideas about what’s cool and what is definitely not cool. Hiding big tools in boxes under or behind the couch – ok, relatively cool. Having nowhere to hide everything else so it’s all sitting on or around the dining table – most certainly NOT cool. I keep promising her that I’ll be rich one day if she just lets me leave it there for another week. Wonder how long that will last?? 🙂

Hah, I’m rambling. My apologies. The point of today’s post is to share my Etsy bio with you. I got a couple of notes about putting up some kind of bio and I thought of doing a special one but bios are such a lot of work. I do have one that I’ve used for my Tolkien-related life – I’ll put it up shortly but this one seems to really sum up the “me” of now so here ’tis …

I’m a natural denizen of the sweet, cool, magical hours between sunset and sunrise. A moon-and-star gazer. A very eclectic child of the universe. I’m still exploring myself and falling in love with the world around me. I have wanted to be (in no particular order) an astronaut, a princess, a scientific genius, a shaman, an Elf-friend (or an Elf if at all possible!), a teacher, a writer, a dancer, an ascetic, president, TALLER, a fairy godmother … and a good many other things. I have succeeded fabulously in being an eternal dreamer. I don’t have a lot of answers, but boy have I got questions. I was almost a grown-up until a few years ago when my son was born. How lucky was I to have such a marvel in my life! I get to be a child again, this time without the fears and insecurities. I get to marvel at each new day, each new experience. I can laugh and be as silly as I want to be while savouring and understanding the wisdom and grace that 40 years on this planet has gifted me with. Every day we wake up and tell each other “We can be anything we want to be.”

I believe in living out the things I want my son to be. I can’t just talk strength and dreams and goals to him; I have to live those things. I can’t point to respect and empathy and say “Be that.” I have to BE that so that it’s a live, real experience. I’m not perfect and I fail a lot, but I keep picking myself up, dusting myself off, and trying again.

Now, what am I doing here on Etsy? I’m living a dream.

I’m a mostly self-taught jewellery designer. I’ve been to some workshops but I like to learn on my own so that’s the path I’ve taken. I am planning to do a jewellery design certificate at a wonderful local college here in Toronto very soon. As a single parent, it will take some saving up to get there, but it’s definitely in the cards. At this point, I work full-time in web/graphic design and development and I make my jewellery in those treasured hours of solitude each night. Sometimes the design is fuelled by ideas I have and sketches I make: sometimes the stones, textures and colours have their own song to sing and I give my hands and mind to them.

I’ve always loved rocks and minerals, shiny bits and glittery baubles. I’ve always played with beads and for years I incorporated them into my clothes, adding beaded designs (like a panther on my black jean jacket!) or fringe or a subtle sparkle here and there. I’m also a lover and unofficial student of architecture and design, and maybe a little engineering too. I love to delve into the structures and lines of things, the principles that hold it up or keep it together. I’m often looking at things to see the ways in which space has delineated an object or how an object impacts the space around or within it, or seems to amplify emptiness (a complete paradox, almost unmentionable except that I once saw a glass sculpture that flowed to make the emptiness within it larger and emptier – sounds silly but that was the experience). I find so much to love about different cultural and historical styles in art, music, textile, architecture and jewellery. One of my favourite things is to mesh them a bit – create something a little unexpected.

A few years ago, a co-worker showed me how to make a simple linked bracelet. I was so excited by it that we ended up making 3 bracelets, a necklace and matching earrings that day! Quite by accident, I scratched the surface of jewellery making and found a passion that encompasses many of my other loves and obsessions. I can play with colour, texture, structure, metaphysics, man’s creations, and nature’s wonder and end up with an object of beautiful adornment at the end. For me, each piece I work on is a symphony with melodies of the rational everyday natural world around us and harmonies of the mystical spirit of the “Force” that runs through everything.

So … what am I doing here at Etsy? I’m sharing the world with you. Making it beautiful with you. Celebrating it and celebrating you. Walk with me a little and let’s enjoy our journey …

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What is the bliss of your heart?

What do I mean by a person’s Personal Legend? Why does that have any meaning to me?

Well, Joseph Campbell’s quote of “Follow your bliss” has been heard and seen almost everywhere. Some people interpret it to mean that you just need to do whatever makes you happy. I’ve heard people use the saying as they go off to the bar or on a date which, to be fair, may indeed be their bliss. For the moment.

For me the saying ties in with the idea of the Personal Legend. I first came across this idea in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a book that changed and enhanced my life, as it’s done for many others. The Alchemist is the story of the journey of a boy named Santiago as he travels from Spain to the Middle East. Santiago’s journey is not comprised of just the outward travelling but is also internal, into himself, and perhaps through himself as well, from one kind of consciousness into another. One of the main concepts is that of the Personal Legend. I can’t possibly explain this better than Coelho himself, so here is a quote from his site that comes from a conversation with his master:

It is your blessing, the path God has chosen for you here on Earth. Whenever a man does that which gives him enthusiasm, he is following his Legend.

It also comes with an admonition:

However, not everyone has the courage to face up to his own dreams.

This isn’t simply about dreams of becoming rich or having a big house. Your Personal Legend is about the bliss of your heart. That certain something in this life that you feel, above all, you were meant to be doing. Ask yourself these questions:

What is the bliss of your heart?

What is the truth of your soul?

Don’t be afraid. Just ask. For some of us the real answers to these questions are wrapped in layers of fear and doubt. If you’ve never walked in the murky glades of self-destruction, never cried out within a dark night of the soul, be very grateful for you are blessed. However, if you ask these questions and the answers seems dark and negative, I can tell you that this is not the true answer. Gently unwrap that fear, unwind the doubt and the truth of your Self shines out. No matter where we are in our life, we can find the way to our Personal Legend. I have walked on a dark, dark path and somehow I came back. If you’re on one of those roads, you can come back too. I was shocked to find that my life had a purpose, I was born for a reason – a very good reason. To be me. To love and be loved. To be here. And to sing in the universe.

If you want to fully realize your Personal legend, you will have to summon your courage. Coelho outlines four obstacles that we must all face:

  • The first is uncovering the dream. Like an archaeologist brushing away the detritus to find a shard of history, you may need to dig before you unearth your Legend. There may be painful, even shameful, things for you to get through, but that shard of truth is there.
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll face quite an unlikely hurdle. You’ll find you love the people around too much to embark on your adventure. The dream of your heart, your own Legend will look selfish to you. You’ll think that by living it, you will hurt those around you. As Coelho says: He does not understand that love is an additional impulse, not something which hinders one from going forward. Just remember that the people who really love you only want what is best for you. They are longing for your happiness, wholeness and fulfillment every bit as much as you are. You can transform this obstacle into a powerful force driving you to embrace your Legend.
  • Now, you’ve uncovered your dream and realized that love is your great ally, so what could possibly get in your way? Ahh, the old demon that whispers in every ear. Failure. What if you reach out for this dream, soar so impossibly high, and crash to the earth in spectacular ruin? In my own limited experience, this is where people become disillusioned with phrases like “Live your dream” or “Follow your bliss.” They believe that these phrases, if they adopt them like mantras, act like a “Get out of Jail” card when failure or disappointment comes calling. Gentle friend, none of us can escape failure. All of us will taste the bitterness of disappointment again and again.

    It is beautifully human to reach and strive. We cannot achieve any goal without missing the mark along the way. There is so much wisdom to be learned in the face of defeat and sorrow. There is so much more confidence and strength to be gained by trying again and again. My defeats have shaped me ever so much more than my triumphs. When I look back on my life, the milestones I see are the places where Life knocked me down and I got back up. I barely even notice the times I soared to sky or earned accolades. Those are wonderful moments, but not defining ones.

    And the greatest single harvest from all these long defeats is patience. I understand at 40 what I could not understand at 17. Patience and temperance will see you through heartbreak more surely than any friend. You learn that you will indeed survive the storms and tempests in your life, and like a weathered sailor, you’ll be able to call them by their names, diminish your fear of them and their power over you, and navigate your way through.

  • The final obstacle is a huge one. It is the fear of actualizing the dream. It’s not the fear of failing, because by this time you’ll understand there really isn’t any such thing. It is being on the doorstep of your bliss and questioning your right to be there. Seeing the promise shimmering there before you, one step away and feeling that you are not worthy to take that step. Love, trials, lessons learned – none of these will help you at this stage. You will need to drop the veneer of ego, to immerse yourself in gratitude and simply believe that you are worthy, child of the universe. Because you are.

Living your Personal Legend is no joke. It’s much more than a bohemian idea accompanied by sandals and organic yogourt. You have to embody courage, nobility, and humility. You need to be as open as a child, as prepared as a warrior. When life seems to collapse around you, you’ll need to find the moment of peace and gratitude in the middle of it all. It’s a wonderful, daring pursuit, an adventure all your own that’s worthy of an epic tale. It’s all for you so dare to dream, to embrace and to live.

The Personal Legend on Paulo Coelho’s blog